Say “yes” to more clients without sacrificing more time

with the never before released ClickUp Bundle for service providers.


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Let me guess...​

🎉You’ve got a few clients under your belt but want more

🎉You’re getting new leads left and right and want to say yes to all of them

🎉You’re starting to hit your goals and making new ones

AND … we both know, if you want to say yes to all of those clients and give the best experience possible, you don’t have time to be overwhelmed in your business.

So while things are growing, you might be feeling a bit like...

❌you have a to-do list that gets longer and longer by the minute

❌your “winging” your organization and don’t have a plan

❌you are never “caught up” and just plain exhausted

Running a business can be stressful, unpredictable, and a total mental rollercoaster🎢

That is why you need the Black Friday ClickUp Bundle – it’s got everything you need to get organized and knock out your to-do list with the sun still shining anddddd make more 💰💰💰.

"Your templates have absolutely cut my time in half when it comes to organization... I don't have to spend additional energy + time creating new templates!"
Liz Gadbaugh
Personal Coach
"Life has been so much easier since I added your templates. They only took me about 15 minutes to get setup and I am saving 5-10 hours per week!"
Michelle Martinez
Business Consultant
"Set up was super quick and easy! I was struggling with ClickUp on my own and Kaci's course and templates broke it down into actionable steps that made it seem less overwhelming."
Alayna Spurbeck
Network Marketer

After helping 1000+ business owners with getting back 10+ hours a week in their business...

I listened to your needs and built a bundle that will help you knock out your to-do list in less time, wow your clients with your new organization, and increase your income!

And now, I give to you in all it’s glory…


So let’s break down everything you will get with this awesome bundle:

Confidence in ClickUp Courseto get you ClickUp set up and organized in a day! No more youtubing and googling your way through ClickUp. 

Course Creation + Launching Folder Template – to start creating your very own passive offer or assist clients with courses and launching them

Business Management Spaceimagine 1 beautifully organized place dedicated to managing the day to day of your business (no more post-its everywhere)

Hiring Packet Folder Template – for you to hire your next team member with confidence and ease

Social Media Marketing Folder Templateto skyrocket your marketing and make managing any social media account (including your clients’) a breeze

BLACK FRIDAY BONUS: One ClickUp Auditto get my eyes on your ClickUp to make sure it’s optimized and working for you, not against you

Total Value: $712

Your Black Friday Price: $197

Grab it before 11/28/22 FOR ONLY $197 with code BFB22 (saving you $500 😱)

"With Kaci's ClickUp Templates, I have added TWO clients to my roster and cut my working time in HALF!"
Chelsea Hall
Pinterest Strategist
"I'm saving 3+ hours a week in my biz and have more time for my littles! Plus, onboard new clients is a breeze and only takes a couple of clicks! Love your templates!"
Website Designer
"Your course has changed how I use ClickUp now, I have had many "lightbulb" moments on how to setup ClickUp and save me time in my day-to-day. I love that the videos are bit sized and focus on one feature at a time"
Ashley Drager
Director of Marketing

Go from this without the BF ClickUp Bundle...

✖️Things falling through the cracks

✖️Sticky notes all over your desk

✖️Working out of your head

To this with the Black Friday ClickUp Bundle...

✔️Not missing due dates

✔️Everything organized in one area

✔️More productive with your time

"It took me about two hours to get everything set up, they are saving me about 3-5 hours a week and even more of my sanity. 😂 Most importantly, I'm NOT FORGETTING ANYTHING! I have 9 clients and it can be hard to remember everything every day."
Emily Bucher
Virtual Assistant
"I use to spend 2-3 hours creating each client's workspace & assigning tasks, due dates, etc. Now I spend about 30 minutes to onboard a client to our share ClickUp space. It makes it so much faster for me to get on with my work & clients have a clear grasp as to what they need to do or provide for me to do my job. I no longer forget little tasks because Kaci thought of all of it."
Maria Crider
Course Creator
"With Kaci's course and templates, I have been able to move a couple clients over to ClickUp rather than using their project management space. I've been able to save time which in turn made me more money and allowed me to be more productive."
Stacy Hanson
Podcast Manager

Get the bundle for only $197!


Use promo code BFB22 to save over $500

From dental office manager to running a six-figure business in less than two years…

Hi there, I’m Kaci, a Certified Business Manager, and ClickUp expert. In the past two years, I have helped over 1000 business owners streamline their businesses with ClickUp. My mission is to save CEOs 10 hours a week and increases their profit by 25% with a robust and automated ClickUp system. 

Some fun facts: queen of typos(I’m sure you’ll find one or two on this sales page), I’m allergic to alcohol, Netflix binger, sports fan, bike rider, and I fall asleep to the TV show Friends every night.  

What is the Business Suite? Is that all of the templates in your shop?

It is not all of the templates. The Business Suite is for you to manage your own business. It's jam-packed with folders like "strategy," "launching," "sales," and "SOPs" -- all to serve your own business. Each folder is like a department inside your business.

What is included in your ClickUp Course?

This course has everything you need to learn ClickUp from start to finish. It comes with five modules, Facebook support group, monthly trainings and hot seat calls, expert advice (me!), exclusive templates, and lifetime access!

How much time will these templates really save me?

Based on my research and the experts that vetted these templates, they should save you anywhere from 3-5 hours per week.

I already know how to use ClickUp, why would I need your course?

This is a great question! The course shows you how you can use ClickUp and optimize it for your business. We have quite a few seasoned ClickUp-ers that have all said they learned new ways to use ClickUp and save even more time in their day-to-day. Most are seeing about 10 hours back in their week!

Do these templates just come with just lists that I then need to add all of my stuff to?

NO! They are fully loaded and ready to go! These templates come with tasks already in the lists, and they come with custom fields already set up for you to get to work as soon as you upload them into your ClickUp.

Why did you pick what's in the bundle?

After extensive research, I found that most all of my audience needed exactly what is in the bundle to better serve their clients, and their business and hit their 2023 goals. Everyone I spoke with needed a better way to manage their business, a better way to learn ClickUp, and a more effective way to plan out their workload.