ClickUp should be saving you time ... not costing you hours and hours of your week

🤔Are you spinning your wheels trying to figure out how to set up ClickUp? 

🤔Did you create an account and immediately close the window when you saw how robust ClickUp is? 

🙋🏻‍♀️ ME! I’ve been there. 

Overwhelmed to the max with ClickUp. Knowing I need to use it to make my life better but not even knowing where to start. 

Then something changed, the more I played with ClickUp, the more I loved ClickUp. 

I became obsessed, learning more, and more … it was never enough, never enough. 

After realizing that I was able to organize my business and start taking Fridays off completely … that is when I knew I needed to help others. 

I heard toooo many of you say…

“I hate ClickUp”

“I don’t understand ClickUp.”

“ClickUp is too overwhelming”

I compiled my thoughts and built this easy-to-digest, bite-size ClickUp Course.

Having your ClickUp optimized gives you the confidence to automate your business and get out of the weeds of your business.

Hey, I'm Kaci!

Dental Office Manager turned Certifed Online Business Manager and ClickUp Expert.

I transform freelancers into CEOs with strategy, planning, and systems building so they can be confident in the back-end of their business, and not stuck in the weeds.

Some fun facts: queen of typos and truth bombs, lover of stouts and porters, netflix binger, sports fan, bike rider, friends obsessed

Let's dive into the modules...

1. Getting Started with ClickUp

2. ClickUp Basics

3. ClickUp Advanced

4. ClickUp Troubleshooting

5. Monthly Facebook Lives

The Confidence in ClickUp Course includes

Frequently Asked Questions

I already use ClickUp, is this more than just the basics?

YES! There is an entire Advance sections of the course for people already using the basic. I also do a montly training with hot seat coaching that is tailored to more than the bascis.

Are there discounts included for your templates if we purchase the course?

There is not, but the course does have an exclusive template that is not available anywhere else.

I am scared of ClickUp! How will this course help me?

I was too! Clicking is lot to take in when you first get it. My course starts with the very basics, and grows from there. It literally starts with how to simply navagate ClickUp. Each lesson is under 15 minutes so it's very easy to digest and not get overwhelmed.

Does this help me learn how to organize my busienss?

YES!! One of my expert advice trainings is all around organizing your ClickUp to best serve you and keep the overwhlem down!

What are the monthly trainings?

These vary from all kinds of things, i recently did a training on time blocking and CEO day inside ClickUp. My next training will be how to opitimze your social media and repurposing content. My goal is serve you, so I always create a post before the training to hear what you want to learn about it.

Is the course refundable?

Due to the nature of this digital product, there are no refunds. I offer multple ways to support you so if you are having toruble with something, I am here to assit.